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The BEST Apps To Spice Up Your Social Media Content

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Keeping up with your social media posts can be a hassle and providing unique and creative daily content to your followers can be more of a hassle. There are a lot of great apps that can help you produce top notch content for your followers. Whether you're a content creator or an entrepreneur, these apps will be extremely useful to you.

Photo Editing Apps

Photo Editing Apps always come in handy when you want to quickly post content on Twitter, Facebook, or your Instagram feed and story. If you don't have time to edit on Photoshop or Lightroom, photo editing apps can help you drastically. You can brighten up a photo, play with saturation, and even add great filters within minutes. The apps that we have listed are FREE to download and use, but some of them may require you to pay for extra features.


  • Darkroom is a great dupe for Lightroom. This app allows you to quickly edit your photos. It gives you the option to change the color of your clothes, resize your photo, edit the saturation and brightness of your photos, and add borders to fit your Instagram feed and story. This amazing app has been helpful when we wanted to quickly edit a photo and upload it to our Instagram feed and story.

  • What we love most about Darkroom is the ability to edit a photo within minutes. You're able to manually edit your own photos on Darkroom and save your own filter for future use, but Darkroom provides some great filters as well.

Here's a before and after of a photo we edited using Darkroom.


  • VSCO is a great app that allows you to add filters to your photos. If you're thinking of starting a filter Instagram theme, using the same filter for every post, VSCO is perfect for this! You can play with the saturation of your photos and set the filters to your liking. VSCO has an array of filters that goes well with every photo. The app also has the option to crop your images to fit your Instagram feed. VSCO is free with free and paid filters.

Enlight Quickshot

  • Thinking of a creative and easy way to change the sky in your photos? Quickshot is perfect for this! In just a few clicks, you can change the color of the sky by enhancing the blue or even turning the sky pink! This amazing app grants you the ability to get really creative with your photos. With Quickshot, we were able to quickly edit the sky in the photos down below. This app is easy to use and changing the color of the sky only took MINUTES.


  • While Quickshot allows you to change the color of the sky, Pixaloop allows you to edit and ANIMATE the sky in your photos. Pixaloop is perfect for when you want to get creative with photos you take outdoors. This app enables you to spice up your photos.


  • Picsart is a great photo editing app that allows you to get really creative with your photos. With PicsArt you can overlay photos, add filters, cut-out your photos, add borders, stickers (like the leaves in the photo below), lens frame, draw on your photos, and more. This is a great FREE Photoshop dupe.

  • What we love about Picsart is the ability to add such creative touches to your photos right on your phone. We've been using this app for YEARS and we enjoy the content we're able to create with this app.

Here's a photo we edited using PicsArt


  • Instasize is a great app to use if you want to add a border and filter to your photos. This app is perfect for photos that do not fit the Instagram size guidelines. Instagram has specific sizes for photos which we must abide by. If a photo doesn't fit the size, Instagram will crop it. With the help of Instasize, we're able to add borders to our photos to ensure that our followers see everything we want them to see in a photo.

  • This app is also great if you're thinking of starting a border Instagram theme where all of your posts have a specific color border. Within Instasize, you can also locate great photoshoot-worthy locations near you to take photos.

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Here are two videos on the BEST FREE photo editing apps and how to use them:

Feed Planning Apps

An aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed always leaves your supporters, clients, and customers wanting more. Having a well put together Instagram feed isn't easy, but these apps can make it easier.

Preview, Planoly, & Plann

  • Preview, Planoly, and Plann are great apps that enable you to plan your Instagram feed in advance. These apps are free, but if you would like to add more than one account, you will have to pay a fee.

  • Planning your Instagram feed in advance allows you to see how posts 'flow' with one another on your feed. By doing this, you're able to see the progression of your feed before posting your content to your followers.

  • Plan and schedule your posts in advance with these three apps.

  • Plann also has the option to view the best performing hashtags and creating hashtag sets for your posts.


  • Hashtags are essential when it comes to posting content on your social media. Potential supporters can find your content through hashtags therefore, finding the best hashtags for your posts is essential.

  • Hashtags is the best app to assist you in finding the most successful hashtags for your posts. You can search through hashtags to see the best performing tags, create your own ad sets, and see the recent trending hashtags. This app also grades hashtag sets from an A to a D in order to determine the best performing hashtags.

  • Utilize this app to see the hashtags that work best for you and your brand.

  • Hashtags is a paid app that allows a one-week trial. After your one-week trial, the app costs $47.99/year which is $0.92 a week.

DNA For Insta

  • DNA for Insta is a great app that tells you your Instagram analytics like the best times to post and the highest reaching hashtags you used for a recent post. This apps also gives the option to schedule and plan your posts, analyze hashtags, and informs you about the nearest Instagram-worthy location for photoshoots. This is a free app to download with a free 7 day trial. After 7 days, there's a fee of $12.99 per month.

  • Within DNA For Insta, users are able to see trending influencers from each niche, top feed posts, your reach and impressions from feed and story posts, and your recent ad promotions.

Grid Post

Want to create a collage for your Instagram feed with two or more posts? Grid post is perfect for you! This FREE grid app helps you create collages that can fit your entire feed. There are a lot of apps that allow you to create grids, but Grid Posts is one of the best that removes watermarks.

Story Planning Apps

Utilizing all of the features Instagram provides: Instagram story, Polls, IGTV, is great for your account. Instagram story allows you to upload extra content such as behind the scenes of projects, updates for your followers, and more. Planning your story and producing creative content for your viewers on Instagram story leaves them wanting more. Here are some great apps to help you and your Instagram story


Order a custom-made Instagram Story Template from us here.


  • Unfold provides templates that are perfect for your story! Use these templates to promote a new product on your website or even a new video. On Unfold, you can choose different themes: digital, ripped paper, and film frames. With these themes, you can incorporate photos, videos, and text. Utilize these unique templates to create an aesthetically pleasing story for your viewers. Unfold is a free app that provides free and paid templates.

Story Art

  • Story Art is one of the bests apps to use to plan your stories. It has an array of templates to use for business sales, new content posts, selfies, photos AND videos. The templates that Story Art contains are creative, unique, and extremely useful. It is free to download and use, but you must pay for some of the templates.

What be love most about Unfold and Story Art is our ability to create unique content on Instagram story for our followers. We can use the templates on both apps to update our followers through text, photos, and videos. These templates are useful if you want to post spectacular story content for your followers.

Thank you for taking the time to read our post! We hope all the information we provided is useful to you. Please feel free to leave a comment and ask questions.

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