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  • What is your turaround time?
    Our turnaround time varies. For some projects the turnaround times are 3-6 business days and some are 2-3. Please refer to the product page of each service to know the turnaround times for each project.
  • How can I contact De Vransy Productions?
    Please email De Vransy Productions at If you already placed an order, please add your name and order number in the subject line.
  • What is your fulfillment policy?
    An order for graphic or web design is complete once the client has received the final deliverables via email. Each service has its own turnaround time, but overall, our turnaround times are 1-15 business days. For apparel orders, each apparel is made to order therefore, production takes 1-4 business days. After production, the apparel is shipped to the customer which takes approximately 3-7 business days depending on the customer's location.
  • Does De Vransy Productions provide custom work?
    If there's a service that you are interested that isn't listed on our website, please email us at to inquire about a custom design. We will issue a quote for you.
  • Does De Vransy Productions issue refunds?
    We do not issue refunds on deposits. We also do not issue refunds for projects that have already been started and sent to the client. This clause is stated at the product page of each service before checkout and it's also in our policies.
  • What are your business hours?
    De Vransy Produtions operates Mondays to Fridays, from 10 A.M to 7 P.M EST. De Vransy Productions does not operate during the weekends and all major holidays.



Please read these terms and conditions carefully. These terms and conditions serve as a mutual agreement made between De Vransy Productions (“De Vransy Productions”) and you (the “Client”). These terms and conditions apply to all photography, graphic design, and web design services provided by De Vransy Productions. Both parties agree as follows: 
The client must agree to pay the project cost for all services rendered by De Vransy Productions. Payments for all services are made on the De Vransy Productions website at Clients have the option to submit a deposit or full payment via PayPal or their debit/credit cards on the designer’s website. The remaining balance payments are made through the same website. Projects will not be started unless a full payment or deposit has been made. The remaining balance payments must be paid before any work files are delivered to the client. 
The turnaround time for each service differs based on the workload. For further knowledge on the turnaround time for each service, the client must visit the specific page of the service. Besides web design, our turnaround time for our services does not exceed 30 days. 
All work begins one business day after the order as been placed and after project information, images, descriptions, text, colors, graphics, has been provided and submitted. Due to revisions, the turnaround time may be longer than anticipated.

De Vransy Productions acknowledges that the Client may provide confidential information that pertains to their brand. De Vransy Productions agrees to protect the confidentiality of the Client’s information in all forms. Any and every information the Client shares with De Vransy Productions will remain confidential. After the final product is approved, De Vransy Productions can display materials and final work created for the Client on the De Vransy Productions website and social media platforms.

De Vransy Productions sends all client drafts with a watermark whether the Client has paid in full or a deposit. Drafts and proofs are for approval only! Do not share or post any of the drafts on social media before the completion of the project. All draft files and proofs are the property of De Vransy Productions and should not be used or posted. Once the final projects are completed and sent to the client, the Client is free to use and share them on his or her social media pages. 
There are up to three free revisions for all De Vransy Productions designs, except for website design. After the third revision, the client will be charged $15 for each additional revision. The client has the final say in all design work such as font, colors, graphics, images, and etc. A fee of $25 will be charged if the process of redesign must be made due to a lack of prior information for the design. Designs that have been printed, uploaded on social media networks and websites will not be revised unless an additional fee of $25 is paid.
De Vransy Productions does not issue any refunds on deposits or any design work that has been started or issued out. Once payment has been made to De Vransy Productions, the project will begin at the allotted timeframe. If the client decides to cancel the project once the project has been started or issued out, the partial or full payment will not be refunded. Ownership of canceled projects will remain the property of  De Vransy Productions and remaining work will not be sent to the client. DEPOSITS ARE NONREFUNDABLE.
Before the final approval, the Client must ensure that they are completely satisfied with the designs. Once the client has approved the final product, De Vransy Productions will deliver the unwatermarked files in one final email to the Client. If any changes such as color, font, text, and etc are requested after the final approval, the Client will be charged a revision fee of $15.

Once De Vransy Productions has completed a final project, De Vransy Productions has the right to upload the designs on their social media pages and their website at All designs created by De Vransy Productions must not be sold to a third-party. The client must not claim that the designs created by De Vransy Productions were created by anyone other than De Vransy Productions. 

The client has agreed to pay the initial deposit, remaining balances, or the full payment for services rendered by De Vransy Productions. By reading the terms and signing this form to its entirety, the Client agrees they have read and understood De Vransy Productions terms and conditions and are legally bonded to these terms. 

Client Signature: __________________________                Date: __________________
All Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time. 
Updated: 08/2020

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